Mag Launcher is paralyzed and unable to fight.

are negative effects caused through battle and by stepping on certain traps. They can limit an Adventurer's actions during combat or damage them over time. Enemies can likewise be inflicted by abnormalities.

List of AbnormalitiesEdit

See also: Parameters

  • Fallen: An Adventurer has lost all of their HP and can no longer participate in battle until revived.
  • Asleep: An Adventurer has fallen asleep and can't participate in battle until revived or damaged.
  • Paralyzed: An Adventurer can't move until revived or after a certain amount of turns.
  • Confused: An Adventurer temporarilly becomes insane. They'll attack other party members until revived or damaged.
  • Brainwashed: An Adventurer is controlled by an enemy. They'll attack other party members until revived or damaged.
  • Poisoned: The Adventurer will continue to take extra damage per turn until they recover.
  • Blocked: Prevents the use of Skills.
  • Berserk: The Adventurer is enraged and their attack damage is increased and they won't stop attacking until they recover.
  • Recovering: An Adventurer will gradually gain extra HP per turn.
  • Blind: The Adventurer's sight is decreased, lowering their Hits and Evasion Parameters until they recover.
  • Cursed: An Adventurer is hexed, lowering their Luck and Agility Parameters until they recover.