Mag Launcher in Airfield.

An Airfield is located down a path next to the Launcher mansion. Mag Launcher uses his plane, the Sea Otter, to take off from here and fly to ruins and other areas across the continent.

The Airfield is a very large desert location, littered with crates and barrels. They are filled with fuel, spare tires, water to put out fires, and other stuff for maintaining the Sea Otter. Mag mentions that he needs to clean up the area at some point. The local children from Pannam Town like to play with the crates and barrels in the area. The vegetation is limited to patches of grass and several cacti. A bird's nest and a chewed cactus suggest that there is some wildlife in the area. There are a few huts, presumably used for storage, though inaccessible to Mag and his party. An old, destroyed airplane, the Houston, can also be found here.

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