"You must protect this girl, Linear, until I return."

-Asroc Launcher's letter to his son, Mag

Asroc Launcher is the father of Mag Launcher and a famous Adventurer from Pannam Town. He disappeared on an adventure in an unnamed ruin three years before his son fought with The Eighth Empire. One month after his disappearance, Asroc sent Linear Cannon to Mag, with a note instructing his son to protect her with his life. That was the last anyone has ever heard from him. He has a wife, the mother of Mag, but she's also missing.

Before his son was born, Asroc ventured into the harsh wilderness surrounding Pannam Town in search of food and water during an abnormally harsh winter that had cut off the town from all contact and supplies from the outside world. When he returned, he became a hero to the townspeople.

Asroc was a studious man who would spend many hours in his study reading books or examining maps. He did his best to groom Mag for his future role as an Adventurer, encouraging him to read books about the occupation. He took his job very seriously and was known for saying "An Adventurer who doesn't prepare isn't an Adventurer." He also was a family man, and had family photographs taken and prominently displayed in his study along with those of his ancestors. He never let his job get in the way of his family life, which allowed Mag to have a normal and happy childhood.

Asroc disappeared on a journey to find Evolutia, a powerful Cyframe. Later on, it's revealed that Linear Cannon is indeed, this legendary Cyframe. Later Mag reveals that Asroc sold off all the relics he gathered, and documentation related to Evolutia, to museums in foreign countries to help pay off the family debt.