The Red Wolf.





Eye Color:


Hair Color:

Black, wears a green Bandana


Pine Village


The Red Wolves


Thief, Adventurer

Carcano is the leader of The Red Wolves, a gang of bandits terrorising Museville and the surrounding area. Carcano's specific targets are the artifacts of The Society's museums.

Despite his thievery, he's a kind hearted man that has been complimented for his looks even by the victims of his own robberies. When Mag Launcher had fought with Linear Cannon, he later advised Mag to quickly make up with Linear before it soured their friendship.

He worries about his image when in front of others. When defeated by Mag & Co. at Pine Village, he only said he was giving The Society's artifacts to Mag, not giving them back to The Society. Later he would only say he was coming along with Mag, rather than admit to his men that he was joining forces with him.

Carcano's Cyframe is a red turbine drill mounted in place of his left arm.

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