Chain Gun
Chain Gun
Mag Launcher's rival.





Eye Color:


Hair Color:



Pannam Town





Voice Artists:

Chinami Nishimura (both games and GameCube remake)
Pauline Little (Evolution Worlds)

"...finders keepers is the only rule among adventurers."

-Chain Gun

Chain Gun is a Cyframe User and acting head of the Gun family. She considers herself Mag's rival, a role she was brought up to be, as the Gun family are the constant rivals of the Launcher family. She lives in a motor home in Pannam Town together with Easter and Kashim. At first sight many players believe she is a boy, though in Evolution 2: Far Off Promise her appearance was changed to look more feminine. Before joining Mag in Evolution: The World of Sacred Device, Chain had a better reputation than him at The Society for successful adventures and finding treasures.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Chain's anger.

Chain is spunky and energetic but has a short fuse and can be snappy at times. Mag states that the townspeople confuse her for being a boy because of her temper. Chain is aware of her own temper and apologizes for it when she sees the need.

She has little tolerance for incompetent adventurers and mocks Mag for always bringing Linear everywhere with him, considering them both amateurs. Chain gets bored when not out adventuring, and even nearly destroyed her Cyframe by trying to use it to cook potatoes out of sheer boredom. She does very little around the house except for preparing meals twice a week. She becomes easily restless, much to the torment of Easter and Kashim whom beg Mag to take her out of the house for just one day as a "mercy mission". Chain shows a liking for a state of general chaos, as she was the only Pannam resident excited by rumours that the Eighth Empire might start a war with the Northrop Republic.

Chain often appears uptight and has difficulty showing her true emotions to people. She never outright admits her feelings for Mag and often takes her frustrations out on Linear as a result. This stems, in part, from her legitimate concern for Mag's safety. She is concerned that one day Mag may get seriously injured as a result of protecting Linear. Chain always tries to make up some excuse for Mag to invite her on adventures, rather than ask him politely or directly on an equal level. In private she shows her crazy side, she sings loudly while bathing and shows little respect for other peoples property.

Even though she helped Mag Launcher defeat the Eighth Empire aboard the Imperial Cruiser, Chain was not officially invited by The Society to come to Museville. As a result she had to break in to the inter-continental train Mag & co. were travelling on. Perhaps The Society's opinion of her changed between the events of the two video games.

Other Artwork and PicturesEdit


Evolution Worlds - Chain Guns theme02:29

Evolution Worlds - Chain Guns theme

Soundtrack theme.

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