Evolution: Eternal Dungeons is a port of Evolution: The World of Sacred Device for the Neo Geo Pocket Color handheld system. The game is in 2D with 16-bit anime illustrations and character portraits to depict the story events. The story of the original game is carried over with a different script, however it has a worse translation than the Dreamcast version due to technical limitations and other factors.

Differences from the Dreamcast versionEdit

  • Similar to Lufia 3, enemies only move when you do. They will not chase you if you are not moving.
  • There is no jump function in dungeons.
  • It is possible to save anywhere.
  • Pannam Town is accessed through a menu rather than exploration.
  • In battle due to text limitations, characters are only named by their initials. M.L. for Mag Launcher and so on.
  • Text limitations produce new grammar errors.
  • Some new spellings: "North Lop" instead of "Northrop".
  • Enemies give more experience in battle
  • All traps are invisible
  • New art style

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