Evolution 2: Far Off Promise
Evolution 2 North American cover
North American boxart.


Sega Dreamcast





Release Date:

June 29, 2000


ESRB: T (Teen)

Evolution 2: Far Off Promise is the second game in the Evolution series. It was developed for the Sega Dreamcast. It is one of the rarest Dreamcast games in the PAL regions due to a limited print run. The North American version came with a mail-in offer for the Grandia 2 soundtrack. The Dreamcast version is fully voiced with a Japanese audio track.

The game continues the story of Mag Launcher, a young Cyframe user, and his adventures through the ancient ruins of lost civilizations. Mag is accompanied in his mission for The Society by several familiar allies in his explorations of several ruins near the town of Museville.


It has been half a year since Mag Launcher's encounter with Eugene. Mag has been chosen by The Society Museum in Museville for assignments. Never one to avoid a challenge, Mag boards a transcontinental train, leaving Pannam Town with his friends, Linear, Gre and Chain.

Their adventure begins the moment their train is raided by a group of bandits led by a mysterious man named Carcano. After defeating him and his cohorts in battle, Mag & Co discover it was only a decoy while Carcano's men made off with an unknown piece of cargo from the train. That evening, Mag & Co finally arrive in Museville. Exhausted, they make their way to the Hotel to rest up for the night.

In the morning, Mag and Linear make their way to the Society Museum to meet up with Nina. At the Museum, Nina introduces Mag to Whitehead, president of the Museville Society Museum. Whitehead explains to Mag that he summoned him because of his reputation as the most renowned adventurer in Pannam Town. He then asks Mag to visit the Blaze Ruins to retrieve a "secret item" that will help unlock the secrets of the advanced prehistoric civilization. Mag accepts and departs for the Blaze Ruins.

Second QuestEdit

After completing the game, the player can replay the game with a debt of 300,000 to pay back to The Society.

Recycled ContentEdit

The game reused some content from World of Sacred Device.

  • The normal battle theme.
  • The ambush battle music.
  • The surprise attack theme.
  • The boss battle music.
  • The ending theme song.
  • The characters theme music.

VMU FunctionEdit

  • Displays total playtime.
  • Linear Watch
  • Points to destructable walls in dungeons (only with Dowsing Stone).

Official websiteEdit

As of October 2013, the official website is still active.


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