Evolution Worlds
North American boxart.


Nintendo Gamecube




ESP (JPN), Ubisoft

Release Date:

December 2, 2002



Evolution Worlds is a port of Evolution: The World of Sacred Device and Evolution 2: Far Off Promise for the Nintendo Gamecube. It contains an abridged version of the first game due to limited disc space. The game features some minor graphical alterations, new camera angles, and new English voice acting, replacing the Japanese voice tracks from the Dreamcast versions. The Evolution 2 character models are used for the entire game, as such Mag is wearing his white jacket from the second game, even in the Evolution 1 port. The game has longer load times than the Dreamcast versions because of the new hardware and the fact that both games are on the same disc.

Differences Edit

From Evolution: The World of Sacred DeviceEdit

  • Evo1andWorlds

    Pannam Town in "Evolution: The World of Sacred Device" (left) and "Evolution Worlds" (right).

    The main character's models are ripped from Far Off Promise.
  • The game includes full voice acting for all characters. When interacting with objects in the game, however, their descriptions lack a voice over.
  • Many places in Pannam Town are now inaccessible. This includes the Saloon and Chain Gun's motor home. Because of this, Pepper Box will be found standing outside the Saloon and Chain Gun will be found standing outside of her home. You can still enter The Society's building, but you won't be able to walk freely inside, and will be locked in conversation with Nina.
  • Dink is missing from inside the Item Shop and Patty is missing from the Upgrade Shop. Several other characters from Pannam Town can never be talked to because the areas they're located in are inaccessible.
  • Ruins are no longer randomly generated and are chosen in a predestined order. They are aesthetically different from the original versions. Some are missing from this game.
  • Several cutscenes happen earlier and are grouped together, shown consecutively.
  • This game includes the option to play most areas in a 3rd person perspective, like Evolution 2: Far Off Promise.
  • You no longer need a Save Point to save while in Pannam Town. You can save while in the pause menu.
  • The player is no longer responsible for paying off the rest of Mag's debt.

From Evolution 2: Far Off PromiseEdit

  • In contrast to the Dreamcast version when Ubisoft chose to retain the Japanese voices to let players experience the game as originally intended, they chose to dub Worlds in English.

Official WebsiteEdit

As of March 2015, the official website is still active.

Other Artwork and PicturesEdit

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