Chain's Cyframe, Flamingo.

Flamingo is Chain Gun's Cyframe. It takes the form of a chest mounted jet pack with a large sword attatched in the back. The sword can change it's position relative to Chain's attack targets. Combined with the jet attachments flight capabilities, Chain can use her sword to attack entire rows of enemies in a single swipe.

This Cyframe made Chain a valuable traveling companion to Mag Launcher on his expeditions to various ruins, despite her temper.

List of Flamingo Cyframe PartsEdit

  • Blade Parts: Chain uses her blade and jets to stab through lines of enemies across the battlefield.
  • Jet Parts: Flamingo's jet booster allows her dash in close to enemies and knock them backwards.
  • Flame Blade Parts: Flamingo's blade is enveloped by fire, can create fire saucers and summon fire shields.
  • Lightning Blade Parts: Flamingo's blade becomes surrounded by electricity, can create lightning saucers and lightning shields.
  • Ice Blade Parts: Flamingo's blade is encircled by a haze of ice, can create ice saucers and ice shields.
  • Battle Parts: Flamingo rallies Chain, increasing Chain's battle stats through her sudden mood swings.
  • Saucer Parts: Flamingo launches a spinning top towards foes on the battlefield.
  • Counter Parts: Flamingo can multiply the damage done towards Chain and can increase her power.

Other Artwork and PicturesEdit