The Heaven Ruins are the final set of ruins in the default order in Evolution: The World of Sacred Device. The dungeon is 26 levels deep. During the story the ruins are blocked off by the Eighth Empire's forces as they search for Evolutia. They become accessible from the Society after clearing the main story. Mag is given the opportunity to explore them and search for treasure, even though the Empire looted most of the place. The Heaven Ruins is the largest dungeon in the game and the one with the strongest monsters. If the player is at a high enough level, the monsters will cap at level 99. After clearing the dungeon Mag can explore any of the previously visited ruins by visiting the Society and signing up again. However each time he will start off on the first floor and have to make his way back down where he can re-fight that ruin's boss. He will get an item for defeating the boss again, but no second relic to sell for more money.

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