Pepper cyfrm

Pepper's Cyframe, Moranna Solnier.

Moranna Solnier is Pepper Box's Cyframe. It takes the form of a miniature cannon mounted on the right side of her hip. Moranna Solnier functions as a ranged weapon, firing erratic shots using bullets and energy bursts.

Pepper's Cyframe is capable of the most powerful attacks out of Mag Launcher and his other companions, at the cost of all her FP.

List of Moranna Solnier Cyframe PartsEdit

  • Bullet Parts: Allows Moranna Solnier to fire multiple, unpredictable shots against all enemies on the battlefield. Bullet Part attacks can cost up to maximum FP.
  • Special Bullet Parts: Fires shots that can incapacitate an enemy or change it's postition on the battlefield.
  • Flame Cart Parts: Moranna Solnier blasts flames at enemies, capable of creating infernos around all targets.
  • Ice Cart Parts: Moranna Solnier unleashes ice beams at enemies, capable of creating a freezing hurricane around all targets.
  • Lightning Cart Parts: Moranna Solnier releases a flash of lightning blast at enemies, capable of creating an electric tornado around all targets.
  • Wind Cart Parts: Shoots a powerful wind at opponents.
  • Laser Cart Parts: Attacks enemies with a laser beam across multiple planes on the battlefield.
  • Recovery Cart Parts: Moranna Solnier shoots a burst of energy toward Pepper's allies, restoring their health.

Other Artwork and PicturesEdit

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