Chara nina2
Nina is the receptionist at the Pannam Town Society building. Mag Launcher received all of the assignments that would pay off his family's debt through Nina. Later it is revealed that she overestimated the exact amount of the debt, however the Society pockets the money anyway. She is proud of the fact she was born in Pannam Town and is not coming from the outside to work for the Pannam branch.

Nina accompanied Mag and Co. on his trip to Museville. While there, she still represents the Pannam Town branch of The Society. During that time, Nina became overly zealous and protective of her position as an employee from the head office.

When Pepper Box showed up during the stay at Museville, Nina joined her in several drinking sessions at the local bar. Nina became so inebriated one night, she took off all of her clothes. Mag finds out about this from Pepper, much to Nina's embarassment.

Other Artwork and PicturesEdit

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