The Northrop Republic (North Lop in Evolution: Eternal Dungeons) is a nation which encompasses the Northrop Continent. There are a number of ruins scattered across the continent that can be frequently explored by adventurers searching for relics in behalf of The Society. Located in the center of the continent, is Pannam Town, the hometown of Mag Launcher, a young adventurer.

According to the handheld game, Eternal Dungeons, Northrop's political system is some form of Democracy. The government of the Republic had a plan to link the population centres of the continent together, including Pannam Town, via railroad. This was called Operation Rail Link. The money to fund the construction of the railway likely came from the political settlement negotiated with the Eighth Empire to cover up the diplomatic crisis caused by Prince Eugene's actions. Six months after the events of World of Sacred Device, the railway was completed, which linked Pannam Town with Museville on the Paldian Continent.

List of Ruins in The Northrop RepublicEdit

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