Pannam ovr

An aerial view of the town.

Pannam Town is a small community located in the Republic of Northrop. Pannam is where Mag Launcher's family mansion is located and is where he was born. In addition to civilian residences, the town contains the basic necessities for Adventurers.

Mag Launcher in his hometown.

The main attraction is The Society building, a historical association devoted to archaeological pursuits. There is an Item Shop and Upgrade Shop, aiding adventurers in preparation for Society expeditions. There is also a Bar for tired adventurers passing through town. An Airfield can be found on the outskirts of the community, providing transportation out of town. As Pannam is a small community, almost all of the residents are familiar with and know one another.

The environment is very dry and desert-like with only certain kinds of trees and grasses able to grow there. Cicadas are among the limited wildlife able to live in the area. The source of the town's food and commerce is the port which imports goods from the other nations. Water tanks are found outside a number of the homes, however in the past water had to be brought in from outside of town. Even with the tanks, water is still an expensive and scarce commodity so residents have to use it wisely. Storms tend to come off the ocean and hit the community. The locals refer to it as the "Pannam Wind". Most of the homes are made of brick, likely to stand up to the harsh climate.

Although isolated, the town does have some modern conveniences such as telephone lines and residents can listen to the radio. In the past, horses were used to get around, but with the advent of automobiles they are rarely seen anymore. At the conclusion of World of Sacred Device, construction of a train station and railroad begins in the town. Upon completion, it likely connected to the rail line used to travel to Museville in Far Off Promise. The money to build the railroad probably came from the political settlement over the military crisis with the Eighth Empire.

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