Mag Launcher's Parameters seen in the Status menu.

are the combat statistics of an Adventurer. The higher these stats are, the more effective an Adventurer will be in combat.

These stats are increased by leveling up and through using or equiping special items. Parameters can also be increased or decreased temporarilly during combat.

List of ParametersEdit

  • HP: The health of an Adventure. When it reaches 0, the Adventurer can no longer battle.
  • FP: The morale of an Adventurer. Decreases when skills are used and is increased by fighting.
  • TP: Technical Points used to purchase new skills for an Adventurer.
  • Attack: The overall damage of an Adventurer's attacks against enemies.
  • Defense: The overall resistance against attacks made by an Adventurer's enemies.
  • Hits: Increases the chance of an Adventurer's attack hitting it's target.
  • Evasion: Increases the chance of avoiding an enemy's attacks.
  • Agility: Decreases the period of inactivity between an Adventurer's attacks.
  • Luck: Increases the chance of a critical hit and many other bonus statistics.
  • Experience: Levels up an Adventurer when they gain a certain amount.

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