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"Evolution does not necessarily lead to destruction... The opposite may also be true..."


Yurka is the main villain of Evolution 2: Far Off Promise. He claims that his name comes from a species of flower that Linear Cannon likes. Initially he only appears in her dreams, but presents himself to her in person once she arrives in Museville.


Yurka manipulated Whitehead into summoning Mag Launcher & Co. to Museville, by promising him the gateway to discoveries of long-lost knowledge of the Prehistoric Peoples. Wanting to boost his reputation and academic image, Whitehead willingly agreed. Yurka used the time it took Mag & Co. gathering the Orbs, to get close to Linear by meeting with her privately during the party's free time, usually at night. He revealed himself to her as the Evolutia of destruction, the counterpart to Linear's power of regeneration. During this time he befriended Linear and eventually convinced her that by staying with Mag, she was endangering his life. He then convinced her to leave Mag and her friends behind, and help him form a new world by helping to summon the Ulticannon. To do so he took her through a newly opened warp point in the Society Museum to the Society Dungeon.

Mag & Co. chased Yurka through the Society Dungeon where they confronted him part way up the tower. Yurka faced them alone and was defeated, however shortly before Mag's arrival he had already sent Linear to go to the top floor, where he retreated to after the battle. At the top floor, on the roof of the tower, Mag & Co. arrived to find Yurka and Linear inside the Ulticannon, firing off practice rounds. Mag caught Linear's attention with the ocarina, and convinced her that they would always be friends and to return to him. Linear obliged, broke out of the Ulticannon and into Mag's arms. This sent Yurka into a fit of jealousy and rage to the point that his power was strong enough to take over the whole Ulticannon by himself, which he then used to try to destroy Mag & Co.

Mag & Co. defeated him, destroying the Ulticannon. Yurka, lying on the ground seriously injured, felt sadness for how he used Linear and lamented that had he met Mag & Co. under different circumstances, they could have been good friends. Linear begged him to stay before Yurka vanished into a ball of light as golden feathers fell to the ground. Later Mag spoke with Linear about what he would say if they ever met Yurka again, implying that he is still alive.

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Yurka... Shadenaught

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